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About Us

ENDAS has over 300,000 members and nearly 4,000 clubs: it is among the most active protagonists of the modern phenomenon of self- organization performed by those citizens who feel they must be accountable for an increasingly urgent need for cultural activities as well as activities in the tourist, environmental, sports and artistic fields.

ENDAS (National Democratic Organisation for Social Action) for years has become a stable point of reference in the scenery of Italian associations. It is establishing itself and continues to perform its function in order to develop and consolidate a conscious participation of the citizens in the life of the Republic , encouraging everyone in the democratic and civil process that makes every nation a bulwark of popular sovereignty. The purpose commits the Organisation to take actions that encourage  socialization in full respect of the human being and that are inspired by the values ​​of secular and libertarian culture as historically referred to by the Organisation.

Tenaciously pursuing this ideal ENDAS carry out nonprofit  activities related to culture, education, social assistance, sports, tourism, recreation as well as environmental and civil protection, ensuring in particular the promotion of professional education of young people and workers in the fields of social tourism and sport. All this arises from the incontestable assumption that free time is to be spent according to the democratic and cultural development of citizens.

In the context of the different activities and consistently with the spirit and practice of free association , the Organisation provides all its members with the opportunity to achieve their aspirations and to actively contribute to the life and development of organizational structures at all levels . All that originates a basic guiding principle : ENDAS is a voluntary Association that cannot be influenced or guided by external elements, no matter whether they are individual or collective.

Considering that the Organisation seeks to establish relations of mutual cooperation and development with everyone, without any discrimination of origin, religious faith nor political biliefs, ENDAS strongly rejects the use of violence in any form it occurs. ENDAS subscribers are therefore morally required to make their own and spread the principles set forth in the Constitution of the Italian Republic and the declaration of the UN Charter of Human Rights in order to remove the barriers among people even through exchanges and agreements with similar associations in other European countries . In accordance with these purposes, ENDAS promotes and takes part in international activities in both European and non-European countries.