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How to Join ENDAS

ENDAS membership means becoming part of a new and challenging world that can provide all members with a motivation of growth and development within civil society.

The establishment of an Amateur Sports Association/Club is a free and democratic action required by the Constitution and protected by International Law, that is for this reason that there are no limits to the purpose and goals of the initiatives as long as they are not in conflict with the laws in force, with civil life and the development of culture and democracy.

ENDAS encourages the setting-up of new Amateur Sports Associations(ASD)/clubs and it is always ready to give its best and skilled assistance to all those who will address to its Advisers.

In the same way as each person has his own identity document, so each ASD/club must have its Charter and its Statute. The Statute is the document of an Amateur Sports Association/Club, it is the means by which its associating nature is recognised as provided by the Civil Code. To make it public you need to write it down on stamped paper and register at the Registry Office - Private Acts – or you can have it drawn up as notary’s deed, otherwise the statute is nothing but a private document. The same procedure should be followed for the preparation of the Charter (incorporation deed). The registration of the Statute allows the ASD / Club to be regularize its position with respect to public administrations with which it will interact while carrying out its activities.

The Statute should be made ​​as widely as possible, by including everything that you are planning to organize in the field of social activities: if just one thing made ​​by the Amateur Sports  Association/Club is not included in the Statute, it is then considered a commercial/trading activity for tax purposes. Therefore the activity be subject to VAT, to the Direct Taxes and finally to the obligation of tax return. The Statute is not only an instrument of democracy, but also for a guarantee in order not to be accountable to a third party or to the same members of the Amateur Sports Association/Club. 

ENDAS Membership includes the acceptance of institutional goals. Therefore, in the case of Amateur Sports Associations/Clubs already established and that have been active for some time, it may result in an amendment of the Statute if it does not cover the activities you wish to carry out.

The choice among the organizational opportunities offered by ENDAS membership is such that even the rule of a Club/Association should be basically similar to that of the Organisation: in that way, any organizational and managerial issue will be dealt more effectively and any cases of empty or even regulatory inconsistencies will be avoided. 

All already existing Amateur Sports Associations/Clubs or newly established ones that want to join ENDAS can contact ENDAS Head Office in their own area and province. To find the addresses of the Provincial  offices click on "Our Offices" in the menu Institutional Area .

This year ENDAS offers free membership to all sports, cultural and recreational  associations  who decide to join the Organisation (for the first year only).

See page 'pre-registration of associations' to find out how to become a member of the Organisation.