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Our History

ENDAS is born together with the Italian Republic in the years immediately following the Second World War, in the difficult socio-economic situation of a country which has been defeated by war and wounded by a baleful period that had prevented any form of free association .

"The Movement for Social Action , as it had been intended by the first Congress of the Social Action Groups , held in Bologna in 1946 , was built with the specific purpose to differentiate itself from any movements having a character and structure similar to a trade union entity, that is, to an organization of contingent action which, even if it tended to the improvement of the workers’ conditions, it was not serious enough to make their way to redemption. But the Movement for Social Action could not attain that specific purpose, on the contrary it was eventually abandoned and the original destination was changed. In that way, the programmatic nature of the movement was lost even if it had had a promising start and it had to aim at freeing the workers from being an instrument of production in order to finally become men having the rights and intellectual needs and aspirations as the privileged." [Giovanni Pasqualini 1949 ]

The words taken from ENDAS founding father’s Report at the Management of Social Action Movement (MAS) on 23rd November 1949 are still the ideal preamble for any attempts to tell the story of ENDAS.

MAS – immediately followed by ENDAS –was established soon after WW II in 1946 and it obtained the legal approval in 1949 stating that it was a national association of workers pursuing social care purposes. In that year, Pasqualini launched the idea of ​​a lay aggregation which was the expression of the desire to share with others the same dream of free association , but far from any movements similar to trade union. In that specific historical contingency it is necessary to provide the population with a moral and material motivation to start again.

The guiding spirit of the movement is to train, educate, promote the moral and material elevation of workers through social, cultural, educational activities as well as activities related to assistance, sport and recreation. The story of ENDAS starts from here, from the courses of popular culture to combat illiteracy, from the courses of professional training, the dissemination of the knowledge of the Italian Constitution among the workers and young people thanks to The Voice, newspaper of the organisation. It is hardly surprising that in a short time the organisation had become an indispensable weapon of redemption for the labor force in our country, away from the constraints of parties and ideological pressures.

Together with workers’ awareness , the organization has always made its efforts to promote sport : over the years thanks to ENDAS a large number of sports clubs have been established thus educating a lot of young people to different sport disciplines with good results. Also, this sector has been enriched with thousands of leaders of rare expertise and skills. A few ENDAS sports clubs having national renown, have given the country some of the most famous Olympic athletes.

More than sixty years after its foundation, ENDAS still converses and interacts with the institutions, following the way of social action as a means of development and growth of the country.