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Why Join us

When you join ENDAS you become part of a community, you share experiences, you build relationships, you get a professional education: the establishment of an ENDAS Sports Association or of a Club turns into an existential project .

Recent regulations have acknowledged and recognized the existence of "private non -profit organization whose main activity is stable and concerns an economic production or exchange of goods or services of social utility, designed to achieve goals of general interest". An ENDAS Club is included in this category since it is a non-profit association of people who meet to develop a common interest, that is sports, cultural, social or solidarity interests.

Nowadays it is possible to work or, better, to do business in accordance with law by means of an ENDAS club offering services that contribute in a decisive manner to the spread of associations as a factor of social cohesion, as a place of civic and democratic engagement, of affirmation of peace and combating all forms of discrimination. The key issue is the social nature of the association to be set up by the organisation, so the performance of goods and services should be directed to the benefit of all potential users, without restriction to members and associates only.

The basis of this life and job choice includes the ability of personal organization , the citizens’  ability to organize themselves in order to protect shared interests and needs regarding cultural activities, educational programmes, social security and environmental issues, taking on new responsibilities and keeping alive all the kinds of freedom concerning the very nature and the intrinsic purpose of the organisation : the use of free time for the growth and development of citizens.

If you join ENDAS, your club will be constantly followed by people with a professional training who can provide:

  • promotion and incentives for their professional training;
  • legal and accounting assistance;
  • consulting on regulations in force concerning the associating activity;
  • support for the planning of cultural activities and social development;
  • detailed and timely information on matters of interest and the difficulties that may arise in the management of a club;
  • constant help in spreading the principles and values ​​the Organisation is based on.