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Sectors of Activities

ENDAS is a national association based on an indisputable principle: everything concerning the use of spare time must be and must remain a right for citizens. According to the Organisation any activity carried out after working hours must involve health, the quality of life, education and socializing. Based on these assumptions, spare time is worthy of being recognized and publicly protected.

ENDAS is a free association of individuals who have chosen to affiliate to pursue a common purpose of non-commercial nature. Traditionally, the Organisation has a policy of intervention in the areas dedicated to spare time with a strong opening and natural inclination to social issues. This means that within the association the aims are not only the mere satisfaction of the interests and needs of all members: daily work is aimed at encouraging the effective participation of the community and at promoting the common good through the principle of active solidarity.

For years the ENDAS has demonstrated an extraordinary ability to interact with the social fabric in which it is immersed, thanks to the considerable preparation and dynamism of its management, at national and local levels, in terms of organization and coordination, and thanks to a potential internal and external communication that is able to reach and involve in details all the areas of interest of the Organization.

The activities ENDAS has been engaged in for over fifty years cover the use of spare time, seen not just as a hobby but as a way to gain a wealth of fundamental knowledge to enable men to progress.

Culture Arts and Entertainment, Social issues, Environment, Sport, Education and Tourism represent the activity sectors of the Organization. In each of them the inner formation of the members is highlighted so that they can develop and consolidate a conscious participation in everyday life thus allowing the democratic and civic process that makes every nation a bulwark of popular sovereignty. For this reason, the Organisation is committed to implement in each of the areas listed above initiatives that promote a healthy social life, in full respect of the human person.