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Terms of Use

Terms of use


This site and its contents have been prepared and will be disciplined in accordance with the laws in force in the Italian Republic. In the event that the user does not intend to accept, in whole or in part, the following terms, it is obliged to cease consultation of the site.


This site is owned by E.N.D.A.S. (National Democratic Organisation for Social Action) based in 48, via Merulana, 00185 Rome, who manages it and it reserves the right to modify, suspend or cancel terms, conditions or contents therein, with full discretion within the limits of the law to modify , freely and without prior notice.The site owner publishes the material on the site as part of its usual activity and is the owner of the copyright and commercial use of all published content.The owner does not warrant that the content contained therein may be suitable for any purpose and / or particular use and is not liable for any damage resulting from the use of information contained in the site by users.


The owner shall ensure that this site has been set up and, as far as possible, will be managed using all reasonable technical and suitable instrument to ensure a proper and continuous operation of the same. However, even in relation to the current state of knowledge and technology, the owner cannot exclude that sometimes malfunction and / or defects in transmission may occur.Consequently, while entering the site, you accept and agree to the following:

  • the site or parts of it may be temporarily inaccessible due to malfunctions and / or connection failures or other events outside the control of the owner;
  • the owner, except as it may be specified, has no control over the nature or content of information transmitted or received by the user by using the site, nor does it control in any way the use of the site;
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By accessing the site, the user agrees to:

  • not to use the site or the material included therein to prosecute illegal purposes or as a means to disclose or distribute in any way material or content preordered to commit illegal activities;
  • not to use the site in order to interrupt, destroy or make a part or the whole of it less efficient or to damage in any way the effectiveness or functionality of the site;
  • not to use the Site for the transmission or the distribution of viruses or any other material which is defamatory , offensive, obscene or menacing or which in any way may create nuisance, disturbance or any biais;
  • not to use the website in such a way as to constitute an infringement of people or businesses (including, but not limited to them, the rights of copyright or confidentiality);
  • not to use the Site to transmit any advertising and/or promotional material without the written permission by the owner.

Users and third parties are allowed to create links to this site prior to an approval in writing by the owner. In any case, the owner reserves the right to have the link to the website removed at any time.This website may contain links to external sites owned by third parties . These third-parties’ websites which are accessible by activating the link and exiting from this website are not under the control of the owner who, therefore, is not responsible for the content contained therein nor will it in any way ensure their proper functioning.The inclusion of any link does not imply any approval of the contents of the linked sites by the owner. Therefore, the user shall know and respect the Terms of Use in force contained in third parties’ websites. Similarly, activation of any link to this website, even if authorized by the owner, does not imply by the owner any approval of the content on the linked site nor any derogation to these terms of use.


The sole owner of the material published on this website is ENDAS. All rights are reserved.The site and all its contents, even partial ones, the possible "databases" and the relevant system of consultation are protected by Italian law and in particular by the Law of 22 April 1941, No. 633 and subsequent amendments concerning the protection of copyright and related rights and, unless otherwise specified, belong exclusively to ENDAS. Therefore, reproduction and distribution, even partially that have not been authorized by the rightholders, are prosecutable as civil and criminal violations in accordance with the above law.Subject to the limitations of the current legislation, the reproduction of the site, even partially and /or its contents by any means, techniques and/or instruments is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent by the owner.Requests for permission may be sent to the following email address : info@endas.itPartial quotes are allowed for commentary, criticism or review, provided they are accompanied by the author's name and "ENDAS" source and the domain name: www.endas.itThe material and information provided by the owner of this website are made available to the user for personal use only, unless otherwise stated. It is not permitted, even in part, in any form of downloading unless it is expressly authorized in order to allow the use of the service offered. The use framing techniques on the site, part of it and/or its contents is not allowed.All copyrights and intellectual property related to the configuration, the content and organization of the site belong exclusively to those entitled to them and to the owner.Trademarks and brands of publications on this site, unless otherwise indicated, are the property of ENDAS. It absolutely forbidden to use these brands and logos as well as metatags and/or hidden texts containing the brands and logos without prior expressed written permission by the owner.